Chainsaw Man: Watch Aki Bring His Best Technique to TV

Chainsaw Man: Watch Aki Bring His Best Technique to TV




 Denji and Power are quite different from the human devil hunter known as Aki, not only in terms of their devil abilities, but also due to their boisterous natures, which would normally make a chainsaw devil and a blood devil scream at the top of their lungs. In the latest episode of Chainsaw Man, anime viewers got to see Aki unleash his powers in a fight against a devil leech, proving that while the human devil hunter may not be a devil himself, he has some wild powers at his disposal.

Unlike Denji, who made a pact with Pochita to turn himself into a devil, or the Powers, a Blood Devil who hates both humans and devils, Aki had to take a dangerous path to keep up with the devils, regularly threatening humanity. For this episode in particular, Aki showed off the bargain he made with the “Fox Devil”, with the Devil Hunter offering a part of himself to rely on the supernatural being’s powers. Fortunately for Denji and the Force, the Fox Devil is a force in its own right, able to defeat the Leech Devil with a single bite and a single swipe to separate the villain’s head from its body.

Chainsaw Man: What can Aki do now?

Twitter user AsakuraAkii shared a key moment that showed Aki’s pact with the Fox Devil, as a supernatural force appeared out of nowhere to take out the Leech Devil, saving both Denji and the Force, who were still recovering from their battle against the Bat Devil:

Without going too deep into spoiler territory, the Fox Devil isn’t the only devil Aki has made a pact with, and these deals will certainly play a major role in the future of the anime adaptation. Aside from the devils at his disposal, Aki is a talented swordsman who will normally only rely on his supernatural abilities when his back is against the wall. Now that the Devil Hunter shares the same roof with both Denji and the Force, he has a whole new set of problems to deal with outside of devil hunting.

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