Chainsaw Man Explores Power’s Tragic Origin Story

Chainsaw Man Explores Power’s Tragic Origin Story




 The Chainsaw Man anime introduced fans to Power and revealed why it’s such a hit with manga fans, and the latest episode of the series explored it even further by delving into its surprisingly sad origin story. The anime for Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga series is one of the most anticipated premieres of the year, and after the first few episodes it’s not hard to see why. Introducing fans to not only the protagonist Denji, but also the main cast we will see in the episode that followed, and now it’s time to explore these characters further.

The latest episode of the series spends a lot more time with Power, as she and Denji end up on a surprising new quest to save her cat Meowwa from the Devil, and although she was introduced to fans as a Devil-turned-Devil (and thus potentially dangerous to humanity), the latest episode the series revealed that she had a rather sad rise to her current “powerful” self, as seen already in the anime. And all of this is the cause of Meowwa.

What is Power’s Origin Story in Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man Season 3 will likely delve back into Power’s past, when she took over a human corpse as the Blood Devil to become the devil she is today. The revelation of her past showed that she was willing to kill humans or any other creatures necessary due to her innate evil nature, but meeting a stray cat changed all that. She bonds with him in a way she didn’t expect, eventually naming him “Meowwy” and becoming friends with him.

This began to be able to open up even more possibilities as her current devil self, and it was soon revealed that she had been tricked by the Bat Devil into bringing a human to him to save his cat. It’s a tragic look at a character who seemed to be completely content with himself, and further shows that while some devils have earned their names due to their innate evil, this may not be the case for everyone.

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