Chainsaw Man Cuts Through Huge New Sales Record

Chainsaw Man Cuts Through Huge New Sales Record




 Chainsaw Man might have competition for the “Best New Anime Adaptation of 2022” crown, but his manga got a serious boost as a result of the anime adaptation. With Studio MAPPA three episodes deep into the TV show’s first season, new statistics have arrived showing just how many copies of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s masterpiece are now out in the wild. As Denji continues to take over the world, the manga can only rise as the series moves forward.

The first season of the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is set to have a total of twelve episodes, which means that it is more than likely that the first volume of the manga is far from ending with the episodes of the TV series. While MAPPA has yet to confirm a second season at this point, it’s a safe bet that these opening episodes won’t be the last details about this world of devils thanks to its popularity among fans. If MAPPA continues to animate the series, it may be a while before we see Asa on the small screen, but rest assured that she will make quite a splash on the small screen.

The chainsaw man anime has competition

According to a new report from Oricon, Chainsaw Man currently has eighteen million copies in circulation of its twelve manga volumes released so far, which is especially strong considering we’re still early in the new anime series. While Chainsaw Man’s current status is nowhere near heavy hitters like One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Demon Slayer, which have 500 million, 260 million, and 150 million copies in the wild, its story is still fresh and it will be interesting to look back and see with how much sales are worth a year into the future.

While Denji may not be the star of his own series with the arrival of the second chapter of Chainsaw Man, the Shonen protagonist has returned to be a part of his series, while inadvertently meeting a new main character who fights to kill the devil with a chainsaw.

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