Did Chainsaw Man Just Introduce Its Third Horseman?

Did Chainsaw Man Just Introduce Its Third Horseman?




 Chainsaw Man is back with a new chapter this week, and of course readers jumped on the update as soon as it dropped. The Grand Chapter checked on Asa when the high schooler continued to fight with his friend after they made a terrifying devil pact. And before the update was over, well – it looks like another rider might have made his debut.

After all, there are only so many people who can go without calling a war fiend their little sister. If the theories are correct, a third rider has arrived, but the question remains as to who exactly he is.

Scary chainsaw man rider

If you get caught by the Chainsaw Man, you’ll know quite a bit about the rider. As in religious mythology, the manga has four horsemen who are said to embody the world’s greatest fears. As for what it is, we have to fear conquest, war, hunger, and death. And so far we know who two of them are.

Makima is known as the Controlling Devil, so obviously she has a direct line to conquest. Now her reincarnation Nayuta has the power and in part two we are told that Asa has agreed to give her body to the War Devil. Now there are only two wars and death left. In the latest chapter, one of Ace’s classmates appears before the War Devil and calls the entity their younger sister. Due to their familiarity and matching eyes, it cannot be denied that this rookie is related to a war devil and a control devil. And given their scaly earrings, fans think the Chainsaw Man has finally introduced the Hunger — or Famine — of the devil.

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