Chainsaw Man Shows How Scary its Devils Really Are

Chainsaw Man Shows How Scary its Devils Really Are




 The Bat Devil is the scariest devil Denji has faced in the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man yet, and that’s saying something considering that the premiere episode saw him encounter the Zombie Devil. When the Shonen protagonist betrays Power, his new partner who also happens to be a Blood Devil, Denji realizes that when it comes to devils, supernatural beings aren’t afraid to say exactly what they want, which usually involves chewing up innocent bystanders.

We are first introduced to Bat Devil after Power’s betrayal of Denja, with Blood Devil being held hostage to save her cat, hilariously named Meowy. With the Bat Devil apparently gaining quite a bit of power thanks to humanity’s fear of bats, Denji is fortunately able to punch his way through the opponent, though what that means for Power and Meowy remains to be seen. Since Blood Devil has no problem betraying Denji and her fellow demon hunters, Blood Fiend is someone Makima’s crew can trust to move forward or have to take Power down as the anime adaptation of the first season continues.

Devil men with chainsaws are actually scary

Presumably injured by the Devil Hunters, the Bat-Devil seeks out human blood and discovers that Denji isn’t quite his cup of tea, thanks in part to the teenager’s connection to Pochita. Powered by the devil after drinking what he thought was vile blood, he storms out of the building, remarking that he wants to eat children for a snack, a burly man for a main course, and pregnant women for dessert. Needless to say, the Bat Devil is terrifying in both notes and looks.

The latest episode also gives us Denji in his Chainsaw Devil form once again, with the previous example being when he cut his way through the Zombie Devil and his minions. While the devils Denji faces are pretty terrifying, Chainsaw is a different beast altogether and may be the best character to save humanity.

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