Chainsaw Man Gets an Official Kentucky Fried Chicken Makeover

Chainsaw Man Gets an Official Kentucky Fried Chicken Makeover




 Chainsaw Man could win the title for “Best New Anime of 2022”, with fans recounting the tragic life of Denji as the Shonen hero discovers that he gains the power of a chainsaw devil and sets out to fulfill his modest dreams. While Chainsaw Man didn’t have many official crossovers with other anime franchises, the series did cross over with an unexpected source in Kentucky Fried Chicken, as the fast food restaurant paid homage to Pochita in a rather unique way.

Ironically, the second volume of the Chainsaw Man manga introduced a character that would fit right at home in Kentucky Fried Chicken, with Bucky the Chicken Devil winning the hearts of many manga readers. While Bucky arrives on the scene with a level of optimism rarely seen in this world of devils, he is accidentally killed in the same chapter that introduced him. The death of the Chicken Devil helped new protagonist Asa Mitaka, who made a deal with the War Devil and now fights for Denji, for Denji due to a past score she is now forced to settle.

Kentucky Fried Chainsaw

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s official Twitter account shared their own version of the chainsaw devil and slapped the appropriate toppings on the chicken wing, making the edible look like it was modeled after Pochita, the cute dog who helped Denji get his wild new powers:


The first season of Chainsaw Man is set to have twelve episodes, with plenty of bloody battles before the end of the first batch of episodes. While Production Studio MAPPA has not revealed if there will be a second series, the animation house has stated several times that they are all in when it comes to adapting the works of Tatsuki Fujimoto.

In the latest episode of the anime adaptation, Denji found himself betrayed by his new partner, Power, a Blood Devil who was close to her cat Meowy and was willing to feed his friend on a silver platter to the Bat Devil. With the Devil chainsawing his way through the creatures, the question remains whether Denji and Power’s working relationship ended before it could really begin.

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