Chainsaw Man Meets Kirby in This Scary Cute Crossover

Chainsaw Man Meets Kirby in This Scary Cute Crossover




 Chainsaw Man is making headlines this month, and we have his anime debut to thank for the press. After all, Denji finally made it to the small screen weeks ago, and Studio MAPPA gave Chainsaw Man everything. Of course, this means that fans all over the world love the anime and have created their own Denji costumes for Halloween. And thanks to a cute crossover, Kirby learned what it’s like to wield a half-demon power.

As you can see below, the art comes from Chierri_xo on Twitter. The fan artist wanted to properly salute Chainsaw Man this season, and of course there are few better ways to celebrate the legend than with a crossover. So of course, who better to partner with Pochita than Nintendo’s Kirby?


In the adorable art, Kirby is shown vacuuming Pochita as always, and they learn the copy ability he gives the pup. When Kirby swallows, it unlocks the chainsaw ability and gives him chainsaw blades for his head and hands. Clearly, the power is devastating and must be considered one of his most powerful copies to date.

Can Kirby’s other abilities compete?

Of course, this fan crossover gives Kirby power, but the game’s mascot is pretty powerful even without Pochita. After all, he’s unlocked a number of copying abilities over the years. To date, Pochita has 67 abilities in his arsenal, and fans have some favorites in this list. For example, Bomb, Burning, Drill, Laser and Ninja are formidable. So if Kirby needed to face Denji in battle, we’d suggest he go with his missile ability.

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