Chainsaw Man Unveils Power’s Most Suggestive Figure Yet

Chainsaw Man Unveils Power’s Most Suggestive Figure Yet




Power took the anime world by storm when Chainsaw Man introduced Blood Devil in the second episode of the series and delved into her tragic backstory. When Fiend was forced to feed humans to a bat-fiend to save the life of her feline companion Meowy, Denji was betrayed but still managed to slice the villainous flying rodent to pieces. Studio MAPPA is now promoting a new statue that captures the most talked about moment from the fourth episode.

The Force as a character is quite unique compared to Denji and Aki, with Blood Fiend having no love for demons or humans. Power makes a deal with Makima and becomes roommates with her fellow demon hunters and will definitely participate in a series of battles in the future of the anime. Living with this Devil may be the biggest challenge Aki and Chainsaw have faced in their careers, as Power has revealed that she only takes baths when she feels like it, even going as far as not flushing the toilet for days at a time. at the end after he uses it.


Studio MAPPA took to their official Twitter account to share the new Power figure, which depicts a scene that could lead to one of Denji’s biggest dreams coming true, as the chainsaw-wielding devil looks for something other than three square meals a day and a roof over his head:


The number itself retails for around $200 USD and is sure to capture one of the most talked about moments of the latest episode of Chainsaw Man. With the first season slated for around a dozen episodes, Power will continue to have some hilarious moments while also showing off his prowess in battle as he uses his blood manipulation techniques to defeat many devils.

While MAPPA hasn’t officially confirmed that the anime adaptation will get a second season, the franchise’s popularity, along with previous mentions of it being fully involved in adapting all of creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s works, certainly point to another Chainsaw Man sequel in the future. the first season finale.

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