Chainsaw Man Unveils a Creepy “Bottle Episode”

Chainsaw Man Unveils a Creepy “Bottle Episode”




The sixth episode of Chainsaw Man has landed. With Denji and his friends trapped in a hotel from which escape seems impossible, Studio MAPPA’s latest anime gave us a “bottle episode” where all the Devil Hunters try to find a way out while struggling with the “contract”. ” that would see the devil eaten alive with a chainsaw. While Chainsaw Man isn’t technically considered a “horror anime,” this latest episode does a fantastic job of ramping up the tension with the Infinity Devil, a creature that appears to be made up of human body parts.

Denji quickly became a destitute young man who fought demons in an attempt to earn enough money to keep a roof over his head and bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now that he has joined forces with Makima, Aki and Power, a group of devil hunters gather in an attempt to take down the “Infinity Devil” who has completely overtaken the hotel to terrifying effect. As the previous episode saw Denji and his allies begin to realize that there was no escape from this device, the Infinity Devil offered them a straight deal: give the devil Denji and the rest of the hunters could go free.

The Infinity Man

What happens in the sixth episode of Chainsaw Man doesn’t see much violence, but rather the devil hunters coming to terms with their current situation and considering how much food they have so they don’t die. to starve and try to find out if they will have to sacrifice Denji to save themselves. Viewers of this popular anime adaptation also got to learn more about Aki, the devil hunter who made a deal with the fox devil, with the human devil hunter revealing that his wildly powerful sword can take down powerful supernatural powers, but it will turn around, taking years off Aki’s life.

The episode ends with Denji realizing that he will have to sacrifice himself for his new friends and hoping that his chainsaws will allow him to cut his way through the Infinity Devil.

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