Chainsaw Man: Turn Your Pet Into Pochita With This Cute TikTok Filter

Chainsaw Man: Turn Your Pet Into Pochita With This Cute TikTok Filter




 Chainsaw Man has taken over the anime fandom and the new series has earned every bit of praise it has received. Thanks to Studio MAPPA, the shonen adaptation is beautiful and favorites like Power doubled overnight. Of course, few stars have gotten more from anime than Pochita given all their followers. And if you want, you can now use TikTok to transform your own pet into a devil with a chainsaw.

As you can see below, anime fans have used TikTok to their advantage by getting the super-cut filter. The video effect overlays Pochita’s head over any on-screen pet, and honestly? It’s too cute for words.

Pochita Protection Squad

It’s no surprise that Pochita has created his own TikTok filter. Not only are the little devils adorable, but their ties to Denji have endeared them to fans around the world. Despite being a devil, Pochita found himself drawn to Denji’s simple dreams and tried to help the boy make something of himself. This is why Pochita decided to sacrifice his life and merge fully with Denji when a bad job led to the man’s death. And of course, that decision created the chainsaw man we fell in love with.

Want to learn more about Chainsaw Man? Before you meet Pochita in person, you can read all the series details below: “Denji is a poor young man who will do anything for money, even hunting devils with his pet devil dog Pochita. He is a simple man with simple dreams, drowning under a mountain of debt. But his sad life is turned upside down one day when someone he trusts betrays him. Now with the power of the devil within him, Denji has become a whole new man – The Chainsaw Man!”

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