Chainsaw Man Stuns With Upsetting Aki Callback in New Chapter

Chainsaw Man Stuns With Upsetting Aki Callback in New Chapter




 Chainsaw Man is back today with a new chapter, and as you can imagine, all eyes are on the sequel. The last chapter promised a big fight for Denji as the War Devil finally made his way to our star. But by the end of episode five, fans thought little of Asa as she flashed back to one of Aki’s worst moments in the entire series.

If you’re hooked on Chainsaw Man, you’ll know how his final chapter ends. The whole thing comes to an end when Asa returns to school after their dispute with the Devil of Justice. The entity eventually made a pact with Yuko and disappeared after a confrontation with Asa. And now, well – creator Tatsuki Fujimoto decided to bring the character in the same way Aki once did.


Yes, that is correct. Yuko is now a devil and Fujimoto decides to put Asa through the same pain that Denji endured with Aki. If you remember, the latter lost their lives to Makima and Gun Devil, making Aki the Gun Fiend. They were then sent to Denji’s apartment to fight, where Denji learned that his friend had been killed.

Now Asa experienced the same thing you can see above. The girl is shown at home when there is a knock on their front door. Despite being told by someone outside not to open the door, Asa does so anyway and they come face to face with Yuko. She seems to have become Justice Fiend the same way Aki became Gun Fiend. But this time, Yuko seems to have retained more of her personality despite being possessed by a corpse.

Now the question remains, where will Chainsaw Man go next? When Denji and Aki met like this, they were both pitted in a battle to the death. Asa and Yuko may have to do the same, but fans are hoping that the latter is able to withstand Justice Devil’s control. And if that’s the case, the War Devil might be able to add an ally to his crusade against Chainsaw Man.

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