Chainsaw Man Reveals Denji’s Goriest Battle Yet

Chainsaw Man Reveals Denji’s Goriest Battle Yet




 Chainsaw Man has just launched a new episode in its anime premiere season, bringing Denji’s most brutal and violent fight to date! Denji has been involved in a few scrapes in the series up to this point as he increasingly utilizes his various powers as Chainsaw Man, but he and the other members of Special Division 4 find themselves trapped by the mysterious power of the Eternity Devil on their first real mission together. When we last saw them in action, it was clear that Denji would be the only one with a chance to defeat the devil.

The latest episode of the series picked up right after that cliffhanger that saw Denji plunging into the maw of Devil Eternity, realizing that the only way any of them would get out was if they somehow managed to cut through the devil. with their chainsaws. We see this in action in episode 7 of the series when Denji fights his way through the Eternity Devil in a bloody battle that lasts three days in the hotel trap they’re stuck in.

How to watch Denji’s bloody battles

The seventh episode of Chainsaw Man begins as Denji flies into the mouth of the devil Eternity, and he struggles to do any real damage at first, as the devil’s ever-evolving and growing body was able to resist every one of Denji’s violent efforts. . He is even defeated for a while and loses a lot of blood, but soon Denji discovers that he could heal and even get a bit stronger the more he ate devil blood. As he says, it becomes more of an endless loop as the powers of the two devils drive each other.

After the opening credits, it is revealed that Denji has continued to cut through the Eternity Devil for three days straight without stopping. It goes so far that the devil actually gives up and feels so much pain that he begs Denji to cut through his core and end the fight. Denji is reluctant at first because he doesn’t want the fight to end, but eventually decides to cut through the core and free them all from this long-lasting trap.

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