Chainsaw Man Reveals Aki’s Surprise Devil Power

Chainsaw Man Reveals Aki’s Surprise Devil Power




 Chainsaw Man is making his way through the first season of the anime, and the latest episode revealed more about Aki Hayakawa to continue his fight against demons! The first few episodes of the anime, dedicated to the original manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto, were devoted to introducing the main cast of the series and the brutal and violence-filled world around them. At the center of most of it was Denji, who surprisingly now finds himself under the supervision of whoever leads a special division of 4 units of devil hunters who have yet to go into full combat themselves.

Aki has been seen as someone who not only hates devils (as seen in his reaction to having to follow Denji and Power for the time being), but takes fighting them very seriously. This raised questions about his own potential abilities, and the latest episode of the series reveals that he ended up making a pact with the devil himself, needing a tool to fight powerful enemies. But as such a deal would suggest, fighting demons in this way also actively harms him.

How does Aki fight the demons?

Episode 4 of Chainsaw Man sees Aki saving Denji and Power from a devil leech with a surprisingly massive devil of his own. Using the same hand sign as at the beginning of the series, Aki shouts “Kon!” and summons a massive Fox Devil to immediately pelt the Leech Devil before it can react to its presence. It quickly takes out the enemy Denji was fighting earlier and immediately disappears after using it, but Aki later explains to Denji exactly how it works.

He reveals that he made a pact with this devil to use as a tool to fight demons (which is also why he ends up working well with Denji and Power since they can be used as tools in the same way), and it’s something the hunters devils. we have to do to fight them first. He has a contract with the Fox Devil, but is not in the least friendly relationship with her. He’ll offer up a piece of his body as food in exchange for demonic power (this activation eats away some of his skin), and for someone who seems that way, it’s quite a complicated tool.

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