Chainsaw Man Proves Power Is the Worst Sort of Roommate

Chainsaw Man Proves Power Is the Worst Sort of Roommate




 After defeating the Bat Devil in the previous Chainsaw Man anime, it would seem that Denji’s troubles are far from over, not to mention the devils who want to end his life. While the fourth episode of MAPPA’s latest success on the run featured a fight that involved plenty of bloodshed, Chainsaw Devil and Aki now face a terrifying new challenge as Makima decides that Power will live in the same apartment as the Devil Hunters.

The power took the anime world by storm, and many anime viewers instantly fell in love with Blood Devil, who hates both humans and devils. Although in the previous episode Power betrayed Denji to the Bat Devil to save her cat Meowy, the two are able to bury the hatchet and Makima realizes that all three devil hunters should live under the same roof. specifically to the detriment of Aki. Fortunately, Denji was able to not only defeat the Bat Devil, but also survive the Leech Devil’s surprise attack, paving the way for Aki to not only showcase his talent, but also form a new team that must all live under one roof as a twisted “Society of Three”

The power of a man with a chainsaw

With Power wasting little time joining the gang at Aki’s apartment, Blood Devil proves how much of a liability she is as a roommate, having never lived with other people before. Denji and Aki are surprised to learn that Power only routinely flushed her waste down the toilet and only bathed when she felt like it, creating quite a smelly environment in the cramped apartment.

It wasn’t all bad on the roommate front though, as Power revealed that she would help Denji’s dream come true after the chainsaw man’s battle against the bat devil to save both the bloody devil and her adorable cat.

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