Chainsaw Man Just Adapted One of Power’s Raunchiest Scenes

Chainsaw Man Just Adapted One of Power’s Raunchiest Scenes




 Chainsaw Man rips and tears the show’s first season, and the latest episode of the show is set for one of the most twisted Denji and Power scenes in anime yet! Based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s original manga series, the first few episodes of the anime introduce fans to the quirky protagonist Denji, showing that despite everyone around him fighting for much higher ideals, he has no grand ambitions to match. For Denji, he just wants to live a good life, eat good food, and maybe get close to a woman before he dies.

This minor but hilarious dream made Denji much more interesting compared to many of the other heroes that came out of Shueisha’s various Jump action series, but he also fought with the same kind of ferocity as other heroes like this minor dream. means quite a lot to him. After his intense battle with the Bat Devil in the previous episode and his even more intense fight against the Leech Devil to save power in the latest episode, Denji now has a real chance to touch his chest.


What happens in Chainsaw Man Episode 4?

Episode 4 of Chainsaw Man begins right after Denji was able to defeat the Bat Devil, and he and Power are worse for wear. Soon after, another devil known as the Leech Devil appears and attacks the two, but Denji fights as hard as he can to protect the Force as she made him promise to let him touch her chest. Once the two are clear of this situation thanks to a last minute save, Power ends up with Denji because he not only saved her, but covered up the fact that she just tried to kill him.

As Episode 4 draws to a close, Power reveals that they will honor their agreement. She notices that she didn’t want to at first, but since Denji has helped her so much, she lets him squeeze her breasts three times for all he’s done. The episode comes to a close as Denji realizes that this is the real thing and now gets even closer to realizing his own “big” wish.

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