Chainsaw Man Gifts Denji His First Kiss: Watch

Chainsaw Man Gifts Denji His First Kiss: Watch




 The protagonist of Chainsaw Man is a simple man with simple dreams. Denji worked as a devil hunter to keep a roof over his head and get three meals a day. One of the Shonen hero’s dreams that he didn’t think would come true so quickly was to kiss a member of the opposite sex, but unfortunately his wish came true in one of the most grotesque ways possible. Now you can revisit the horror whenever you want.

With Denji, Aki, Power, Makima and their friends hanging out at the bar knocking back drinks, the Chainsaw Devil managed to achieve his dream thanks to fellow Devil Hunter Himeno. While Denji was afraid of being kissed in front of Makima, Himeno took his chances and gave the protagonist quite the kiss, with one of the hero’s dreams gloriously coming true… until it didn’t. Seconds after the kiss began, Himeno threw up in Denji’s mouth, showing that she had a little too much to drink and creating one of the scariest scenes in a series known for its brutality.

Denji was kissed

Chainsaw Man’s official English Twitter account shared a video of the grotesque moment when Denji’s wish was granted by a “monkey’s paw”, where he finally managed to get a kiss, but suffered a nasty surprise that sent him crashing into the nearby area. bathroom:

This particular moment in Chainsaw Man’s history was so grotesque that Studio MAPPA felt the need to censor the vomit itself, whereas in the original manga by creator Tatsuki Fujimoto, the scene was not pixelated at all. Since this recent installment is the seventh in the first season of the anime, fans should prepare for five more episodes before this season ends, so manga fans can only speculate as to what event will bring the anime to its first season finale.

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