Chainsaw Man Fans Spot a Very Dark Secret in Its First Opening

Chainsaw Man Fans Spot a Very Dark Secret in Its First Opening




 The first season of Chainsaw Man excelled in introducing anime fans to the tragic story of Denji, a young man who just wanted to have a roof over his head and spend his days eating dry bread with his best friend, a chainsaw devil known as Pochita. With the series opening with so many scenes referencing movies and pop culture, anime fans have noticed a devilish inclusion that hints at the real relationship behind Denji and Makima as the former struggles to make a life for herself in her new career.

Makima may have given Denji his marching orders, but countless mysteries surround the agent who gathers unique demon hunters to slay the supernatural forces that threaten humanity. Last episode, Makima tasked Denji with taking down the Gun Devil, the main threat responsible for countless deaths and the demise of Aki’s family. Driven by the world’s fear of gun violence, Gun Devil has become the most powerful devil in the world today, so it won’t be easy for Denji to take him down despite his own power as a chainsaw devil.

Parasite of chainsaws

Tik Tok user Glimmer Void shared the interesting fact that the snail that appears in the opening of Chainsaw Man is a parasite known as Leuchochloridium Paradoxum, which takes over the snail’s mind and leaves them to be killed to be eaten by birds in a terrifying parallel to the head. devil hunters:

Makima was not featured in the latest episode of the anime adaptation, with Denji and his friends trapped in a hotel controlled by the Infinity Devil. With Denji, Aki, the Force and their cohorts facing potential starvation while fighting this terrifying new threat, the Infinity Devil wants only one thing from the Devil Hunters, to offer the Devil a chainsaw on a silver platter. In the finale, where Denji agrees to sacrifice himself, expect it to get pretty bloody as the Chainsaws meet Infinity.

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