Chainsaw Man Embraces Winter With Aki-Approved Mittens

Chainsaw Man Embraces Winter With Aki-Approved Mittens




 Chainsaw Man became a hit not only because of Chainsaw Devil Denji, but also because of the eclectic cast that joined him in Studio MAPPA’s anime adaptation. While Power hit the scene as another fiend, specifically the Blood Fiend, the Shonen protagonist has a human ally in Aki, a sword-wielding hunter who has made some nefarious deals with fiends. Now, the popular anime franchise is gearing up to release adorable mittens that focus on Aki’s strongest devil ally we’ve seen yet.

Like Denji, Aki has quite a tragic backstory where his brother and parents died as a result of a Devil Weapon attack. He was focused on becoming a devil hunter to get revenge, the fact that Aki was able to stay alive this long speaks for itself because people who hunt the supernatural in this world don’t stay alive for long according to those who take up the profession . With the Fox Devil, Aki gave the spirit a portion of his physical body, allowing the Devil Hunter to summon it when needed. Aki also has a contract that gives him the ability to use a sword that is wildly powerful, but sacrifices years of life as a result.

Aki chainsaw

Shonenleaks have shared a new design for the upcoming Chainsaw Man Gloves, which work quite well in capturing the spirit of the Fox Devil, while Aki continues to rely on the Devil’s power to help him take down supernatural threats and get revenge on the Gun Devil who sent him on his dark path:

The first season of Chainsaw Man is almost halfway done, and MAPPA is set to release twelve episodes to set up its first outing. With the manga still releasing new chapters almost every week, there are plenty of other stories to bring to the small screen as Denji and company work to rid their world of the devils. Based on how gory the anime has been so far, viewers should prepare for a lot of casualties in the future of the TV series.

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