Chainsaw Man Editor Opens Up About Denji and Makima’s Physical Connection

Chainsaw Man Editor Opens Up About Denji and Makima’s Physical Connection




 Chainsaw Man began to bring Denji closer to Makima than ever with the latest episode of the anime, and original manga editor Tatsuki Fujimoto opened up about the core of their dynamic! Denji was introduced to fans as a very different kind of protagonist than we’ve seen in any other Shonen Jump anime adaptation, as he really only fights to fulfill his most basic desires, like wanting good food, good housing, and movement. forward with your sexual desires. For him, Makima plays the main role in all of this.

Makima was Denji’s main drive and getting close to her is the only reason he starts fighting the devils. As the latest episode of the series sees Makima offering her body to Denji if he can defeat a powerful and dangerous devil, the editor of the original manga series detailed the deeper message behind Makima’s physical intimacy and its meaning for Denji and the fans. follows:


Denji and Makima recover

The editor of the original Chainsaw Man manga that was released particularly focused on Makima’s description of the more emotional weight of physical intimacy is what the editor wants to convey to fans: “When it comes to naughty things, I think the more you understand the other person, the better you feel.” Makima’s words. Seriously, those are the words I want to reach many young people. It’s a scene that makes me personally think it’s not a mommy’s pleasure. As Denji discovers when he touches Power’s chest earlier in the episode, physical intimacy was ultimately empty. It was completely different when it was a woman he actually liked, and now as a result, Denji found the passion he needed to try to become the devil hunter Makima wants him to be. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how it all works. An entry relationship, but the joy of a carefully constructed life.”

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