Chainsaw Man Creator Shares One of Denji’s Nastiest Secrets

Chainsaw Man Creator Shares One of Denji’s Nastiest Secrets




 Even the biggest anime series have to relax, you know? From Naruto to Demon Slayer, the best titles in the business know when to make you laugh, and Chainsaw Man follows suit. Despite its dark action, the series has one of the demographic’s biggest pranksters in the form of Denji. Fans were reminded of that this week when the latest episode of the anime hit Aki with a prank, and now the series creator has revealed exactly what Denji and Power did to their mentor.

The update comes directly from Fujimoto itself, so there’s little room for error. Recently, the artist took to Twitter to live tweet his reaction to the fifth episode of Chainsaw Man. It was there that fans watched as Power and Denji chatted about the prank they pulled on Aki. And now we’ve learned exactly what the two did.

What was the joke?

According to Fujimoto, Power and Denji went too far. The pair somehow got Aki to smear feces on his nose, so yeah – the hunter’s reaction makes sense now. Who wouldn’t be upset if they were pranked with something so vile?

“They put poop on Aki’s nose in the morning, but I didn’t write that part down,” Fujimoto wrote on Twitter. Well, there you have it.

It’s clear that Denji and Power went too far, so they should be glad that Aki didn’t kill him. The hunter must have considered it. His anger at the two is painfully relatable, and any older sibling can attest to that. Within days, Aki went from being a loner to a grieving older brother with two somewhat rowdy roommates. And if he tries a trick like that again, well – Aki can get sick from one of his contracts on the two of them.

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