Chainsaw Man Cosplay Gives Fans The Perfect Denji

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Gives Fans The Perfect Denji




 Chainsaw Man is easily the biggest new anime series of the 2022 fall anime season, with Denji and his fellow demon hunters running the ground floor thanks to Studio MAPPA’s adaptation of the gory story from the mind of creator Tatsuki Fujimoto. With the latest episode showing one of Chainsaw’s hilarious dreams, fans will fall in love with the chainsaw fiend who once struggled to keep a roof over his head and eat three meals a day. Now, one fan has perfectly brought Denji to life with an amazing cosplay.

Denji’s story saw a young man trying to stay alive while inheriting a devastating debt to the Yakuza left by his late father. When the Shonen protagonist is betrayed by the crowd to a zombie devil, he fuses with his loyal pet Pochita, who happened to be a chainsaw devil, creating the power plant hero we know today. Things moved at a fast pace in the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, with Denji being recruited by a mysterious manipulator known as Makima to fight the Gun Devil and the numerous devils threatening the world, while gaining allies in the form of Aki and Power.

Denji Chainsaw

Cosplayer Wiru_Son took to Twitter to share this perfect look at Denji, fangs and all, after the latest episode saw Makimo make Chainsaw Man quite the promise if he can do the impossible and take out Gun Devil, the biggest threat to the world at large in this Shonen series:


The first season of Chainsaw Man will likely be a dozen episodes long, which means we’re almost halfway through the opening season that introduced us to Denji and his fellow demon hunters. With only a handful of episodes left, there are some major moments that will shock many, and rest assured that Denji’s trials and tribulations are far from over, even though he has more than a few allies to support him now. up.

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