Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Introduces Denji to His New Nightmare

Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Introduces Denji to His New Nightmare




 Asa doesn’t have much leeway when it comes to becoming the new protagonist of Chainsaw Man, with Mitaka’s friend Yuko making a deal with the Devil of Justice to unleash death and destruction on anyone she deems a “tyrant.” After fighting her way through numerous students, innocent and otherwise, Denji finally entered the fray, and when she did, he was just about to prepare for the biggest battle of his career as a devil hunter. Even if Denji could survive the first chapter of the manga, will he survive the second?

Denji may have gone through some serious changes as a result of the final battle that took place at the end of Chainsaw Man’s first chapters, but his personality was clearly unaffected by them. In an effort to make a name for himself as perhaps the world’s newest superhero, Denji doesn’t try too hard to keep his identity a secret. In fact, Denji actively wants everyone to know he’s Chainsaw, even going so far as to transform in front of random civilians and even tell Asa who he was.

Chainsaw War

As Yuko reads Denji’s mind using the Justice Devil powers, the new Devil learns the hilarious truth about the Chainsaw Devil’s motivations:

“You’re kidding me. He’s not thinking about fighting at all. He’s just thinking about how to reveal his secret identity while making it look natural.”

As the devil seemingly defeats Yuko with a chainsaw, he finds himself face to face with Asa, with the war devil and Denji seemingly ready to fight for the first time. The War Devil specifically made a deal with Asa to get revenge on the Shonen Protagonist, so it should be a battle to remember.

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