Chainsaw Man Brings Pochita to Life in Cute CG Makeover

Chainsaw Man Brings Pochita to Life in Cute CG Makeover




 Chainsaw Man is one of the biggest series on TV right now and there is nothing more popular on the show than Pochita. Sure, Power and Makima have their fans, but neither character stands a chance against Pochita. The devil dog caught on with fans just as easily as Denji, and now an artist has given the good boy an adorable CG likeness.

As you can see below, the piece comes courtesy of nox3Dartist on Twitter. It was there that a fan-artist decided to test his skills with Pochita by making a rig for the devil. And as we all expected, the 3DCG change is insanely cute.

Pochita, the best boy

The animation brings Pochita to life in a pretty realistic way, so you can see why Denji fell in love with the devil dog. With his big eyes and bunny teeth, Pochita redefines cuteness in this shot. Some chunky paws complete the look, and his chainsaw muzzle is somehow more cute than deadly here.

It’s clear that Chainsaw Man fans are obsessed with this look, and Pochita deserves every bit of love. Devil Dog may not be an everyday part of anime, but his hips are an essential part of the show. Nestled in Denji’s chest, Pochita bonded with the boy to see his dreams come true. There’s no denying that the Chainsaw Devil is faithful to a fault, and with this CG model, we know the pup is cute no matter how you cut him.

Want to learn more about Pochita and the Chainsaw Man? You can read the anime’s official synopsis below for all the details: “Denji is a poor young man who will do anything for money, even hunting devils with his pet devil dog Pochita. He is a simple man with simple dreams who drowns under water.” a mountain of debt. But his sad life is turned upside down one day when someone he trusts betrays him. Now with the power of the devil within him, Denji has become a whole new man – Chainsaw Man!”

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