Chainsaw Man Adapts Aki’s Sad Backstory For the Screen: Watch

Chainsaw Man Adapts Aki’s Sad Backstory For the Screen: Watch




 As an anime series, Chainsaw Man managed to balance humor and gore, as Denji is a pretty hilarious protagonist, but the world around him is anything but. In the latest anime episode from Studio MAPPA, we’re shown the decidedly dark path that the Gun Devil has carved out for himself, and how that power sets demon hunter Aki on a path to eliminate as many devils in the world as he can.

Aki is a unique character in the Chainsaw Man roster, with the devil hunter making deals with devils to grant him power on par with Denji and the Force, while not being a full devil himself. As we witness from his childhood, Gun Devil was responsible for the deaths of his parents and his brother, setting him on the path to becoming the dedicated warrior we know today. Currently, Aki is living with Power and Denji, as both devils have now joined him under one roof and are ready to fight the terrifying children as a full unit, after their fight with the Bat Devil and the Leech Devil.

Chainsaw Aki: You’re going to have a hard time

Twitter user Zakia BJR captured the devastating moment in which Aki lost his family to the unbridled carnage unleashed by Gun Devil and humorously juxtaposed it against one of the most devastating moments from AMC’s Breaking Bad to really drive home the point:


The Gun Devil’s origins are quite interesting in that the giant natural force was enhanced by humanity’s response to gun violence while generally helping devils become stronger as his notoriety around the world increased. Makima has Gun Devil in her sights, as revealed in the last episode of Chainsaw Man, and she’s given Denji plenty of incentive to work on taking down humanity’s greatest threat.

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