Viral Chainsaw Man Cosplay Summons Makima’s IRL Twin

Viral Chainsaw Man Cosplay Summons Makima’s IRL Twin




 Chainsaw Man has established itself as one of the biggest anime franchises and many fans are drawn to its characters. Whether you’re watching Power or Denji, the series has plenty of compelling stars to choose from. In fact, one of the most complicated characters has amassed its own rabid fandom, and Makima embraces her with love. And now one fan has gone viral because they gave Makima one of her best cosplays yet.

As you can see below, the piece comes courtesy of Instagram user faaaaariii_, who has made a name for himself with cosplay. From Weibo to TikTok, the user has captivated netizens with his anime footage, but it’s safe to say that their take on Maki goes above and beyond.Whats-App-Image-2023-04-07-at-7-37-57-PM

After all, you can see the piece yourself above. The cosplay brings Maki to life in her usual black and white outfit. With her hair tied back, Makima looks like a doll in this cosplay thanks to all the lighting and makeup effects. From the eyes to the contoured nose, everything about this look is made to make Makima pop, and a bit of video editing makes the heroine look appropriately terrifying.

Obviously, Chainsaw Man showed how bloody Makima can get in battle, and the anime has only scratched the surface so far. The Devil Hunter is stronger than anyone knows, and it won’t be long before Denji finds out first hand. But for now, fans can enjoy this candid look at Maki until the Chainsaw Man anime reveals her secret on screen.

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