New Chainsaw Man Poster Pays Homage to Kill Bill, The Shining, and More

New Chainsaw Man Poster Pays Homage to Kill Bill, The Shining, and More




 The eighth episode of Chainsaw Man was a game-changer, inflicting some major casualties on Devil Hunters, which came as quite a surprise to many anime viewers. With this first season totaling twelve episodes, the season finale is just a few weeks away, and Studio MAPPA has given fans a new look at the upcoming Blu-Ray set, which will collect a dozen episodes. Funnily enough, MAPPA includes art that has seen Denji and his friends throw back into some of the well-known blockbusters released over the years.

When Chainsaw Man first debuted, the opening of the anime series had fans laughing in their seats when it was revealed that many of the scenes in the opener poked fun at some of the big Hollywood movies, including the likes of The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, Attack of The Killer Tomatoes, and many other. Based on this fact, it is not surprising that MAPPA is once again seeing Shonen protagonists in movie scripts. Currently, MAPPA has yet to confirm whether the popular anime adaptation will return for a second season, but based on the studio’s commitment to adapt the works of creator Tatsuki Fujimoto, it’s a safe bet that the animation house is in it for the long haul. .

Chainsaw Bill

MAPPA took to their official Twitter account to share a first look at the upcoming Chainsaw Man Blu-Ray set, which not only references films like The Shining and Kill Bill, but also gleefully sees the stars of the Jurassic Park and Clockwork Orange anime. a little:


The last installment of Chainsaw Man saw the introduction of Katana Man, a devil who apparently has a very similar deal to Denji, along with a disturbing look that would put the Chainsaw Devil’s to shame. During the battle, Aki was struck with a heavy wound that caused Himeno to sacrifice herself in a futile attempt to eliminate their opponents through Ghost Devil. With the first batch of episodes giving us a grand introduction to Denji, his life and his newfound friends, the anime seems to be taking no prisoners with this new battle.

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