Goodbye Eri Celebrates New Award With Special Artwork

Goodbye Eri Celebrates New Award With Special Artwork




 Tatsuki Fujimoto is one of the biggest names in manga, and his influence doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. For those who don’t know, the creator is behind Chainsaw Man and their latest set of one-shots has been a hit with readers. In fact, Goodbye, Eri is one of the most popular one-shots to come out of Shonen Jump in recent years. And following up on their latest award, Fujimoto is celebrating the award with new art.

As you can see below, Fujimoto put together a sketch after Goodbye, Eri snagged an impressive prize. The one-shot placed second with ‘This Manga Is Amazing’ in Japan. The annual list collects the best manga of the year for readers to check out as the new year approaches. So as you might have guessed, Fujimoto celebrated.

Special illustration of Tatsuki Fujimoto as Goodbye Eri manga wins 2nd place in ‘This Manga is Amazing 2023


Fujimoto’s best work

Their artwork brings the manga’s titular character to life, and yes – Eri does indeed resemble the newest heroine in Chainsaw Man. Dressed in a school uniform, the girl looks quite cheerful as she holds up a victory sign with her fingers. And it’s clear that Fujimoto fans are already crossing their fingers for a sequel.

If this is the case for you, don’t hold your breath. Fujimoto’s one-shots are unique stories, and Eri’s journey is over. For those who haven’t read her story, Fujimoto’s one shot is not only beautifully illustrated, but offers some compelling themes. From death to loss and growing up, Fujimoto explores it all in Goodbye, Eri. So if you haven’t read this one shot, you can find it online via Manga Plus.

And yes, the manga will be getting a physical release soon. Viz Media is set to release one shot next year in print. You can read about one shot here thanks to its official synopsis: “Young filmmaker Yuta contemplates suicide after the death of his mother, but a chance encounter with a mysterious girl changes his life in an explosive way… Yuta’s film career began with a request from his mother to record her last moments But after her death, Yuta meets a mysterious girl named Eri, who directs his life in new directions. The two start making a movie together, but Eri is hiding an explosive secret.”

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