Epic Chainsaw Man Cosplay Preps Power for Battle

Epic Chainsaw Man Cosplay Preps Power for Battle




 Chainsaw Man brought its first season to life last year, and it was there that fans met the one and only Power. The character has been a favorite since creator Tatsuki Fujimoto introduced her, and of course, the anime turned her popularity up to ten. Now, one fan is stepping out with the most epic Power cosplay yet, and has prepared the Blood Devil for battle.


As you can see below, the look comes from yua_grnd on Instagram. The fan, who has done a number of anime appearances in his time, just this week posted a solo look at Power for followers. It shows the heroine preparing for battle with her bloody scythe and honestly? They nailed the look.

Of course, Power’s outfit is simple enough with a figure-hugging button-up and capris. However, this cosplay shines in its details. Power’s hair is perfectly coiffed and the make-up done to accentuate his devilish features is insane. From her red eyes to her sharpened teeth, the Power of the Beast is here, and her massive scythe nails that message.


Clearly, the love for Chainsaw Man continues even when the anime is off the air. The first season wrapped up last year with a look at Future Devil, and Denji has a lot more on the horizon. At this time, Studio Mappa has not commented on the second season, but the strong response to the show’s streaming has fans hoping for more anime to come.

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