Did Chainsaw Man Just Introduce Its New Kobeni?

Did Chainsaw Man Just Introduce Its New Kobeni?




 Chainsaw Man is about to wrap its first season, but as always, the manga is here to feed us. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has been busy churning out new content, and the second installment was a hit thanks to its heroes. Denji and Asa are in charge after all. And this week it looks like the manga welcomed Kobeni 2.0.

The whole thing came up when Asa and Denji continued to date. The trip was rough to say the least and Denji even tried to walk away from Asa before the Eternity Devil reappeared. The new chapter even checks out Asa’s Devil Hunter club, and that’s where we meet a familiar character.


Kobeni’s family explained

As you can see above, this week sees the debut of a boy from Denji’s school who has a lot in common with Kobeni. This includes his nervous disposition, and honestly? The two have a number of ticks in common. Fans were convinced the two were alike before the newcomer got into his story. And after he mentioned his overbearing mom, well – theories started flying everywhere.

Of course, Chainsaw Man fans know why this comparison was made. Kobeni has never been shy about going out with her family and their wild drama. We know she has an older brother whom her mother loved. Kobeni appears to be the second child, followed by eight more at home. We know very little about them, but given Kobeni’s age, we know that some of her younger siblings would be high schoolers.

So the evidence linking Kobeni to this new student is strong and only grows from there. The newcomer also confirms that their mother is pushy and they made him join the Devil Hunter Club. Their mother is convinced that club membership would give them a scholarship to school. And of course, this focus on money (and the desire not to spend any) is something Kobeni’s mom is all about.

We have no word yet on whether this club member is part of the Higashiyama family, but it would be interesting to see Kobeni’s siblings for themselves. Their mother is a piece of work, and with how popular Kobeni has become, readers wouldn’t mind seeing more of her story. So if Fujimoto wants to attract this new boy into the family, we wish her the best of luck!

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