Danny Phantom Creator Gives Chainsaw Man a Nickelodeon Makeover

Danny Phantom Creator Gives Chainsaw Man a Nickelodeon Makeover




 When it comes to Nickelodeon, few creators are as well-known as Butch Hartman. The animator is responsible for creating some of the network’s most popular series, from The Fairly OddParents to Bunsen Is a Beast. Of course, one of his most popular works remains Danny Phantom, and the show’s cult following seems to be growing every day. And in a new video, Hartman breaks the fourth wall of anime by including Chainsaw Man in his family series.

As you can see below, Hartman took to TikTok to show off the crossover after a fan asked him to try Chainsaw Man. It was where the artist remade Denji on Nickelodeon, and honestly? Art beats.

After all, Chainsaw Man is an outlandish idea and could easily be interpreted as something grotesque rather than serious. That’s how Hartman approaches his take on Chainsaw Man, and it works quite well. You can imagine that Danny will go head to head with this two-bit villain if given the chance. But if the tables were turned, well – you can only imagine how the teenage spirit would fare in Tatsuki Fujimoto’s universe.

Any fan will admit that Chainsaw Man takes place in a bleak world and Denji shows its darkest corners. When humanity’s greatest fears turn into bloodthirsty fiends, all bets are off for survival. Danny Phantom might have a chance against other Devil Hunters with his abilities, but his gifts will only take him so far. And if Makima were to take on Hartman’s hero, you know the battle would be over in seconds.

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