Chainsaw Man’s English Dub Season Finale Drops New Clip (Exclusive)

Chainsaw Man’s English Dub Season Finale Drops New Clip (Exclusive)




The original Japanese anime version of Chainsaw Man may have ended at the end of last year, but the English Dub is set to do the same with the main season finale. Denji joins his friends in episode twelve in an attempt to defeat the devil Katana, while several mysteries are still running in the background, especially surrounding the ring leader known as Makima. Luckily, to tide you over for the gore, Crunchyroll shared an exclusive clip from the season one finale with


The first English Dub Cast listing for Chainsaw Man sees Ryan Colt Levy as the titular demon hunter, Suzie Yeung as Maki, Reagan Murdock as Aki and Sarah Wiedenheft as Power to round out the main cast of the first season. Rest assured that whenever Chainsaw Man returns for a second season, there will be plenty of new characters introduced, but unfortunately for Denji and his fellow demon hunters, most of them will either be trying to defeat them or eat some innocent civilians. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s bloody Shonen series’ demonic powers are still unknown. A second season has yet to be confirmed, although based on the popularity of the first season, it may only be a matter of time before anime fans around the world receive confirmation.

Oak Chainsaw

While another season of Chainsaw Man is as much of a confirmation as anyone can guess, Studio MAPPA has more than enough projects to keep them busy this year, even if Denji’s return isn’t in the near future. The animators responsible for the arrival of the Chainsaw Man anime will present the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen, the final season of Attack on Titan, the debut season of Infernal Paradise, the return of the Vinland Saga, with a feature film also on their table.


If Chainsaw Man were to continue with a new season, there would be plenty of material left to adapt, as the source material is still releasing new chapters to this day, and the anime adaptation only scratched the surface of Denji’s tragic story.

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