Chainsaw Man Updates Fans on Its New Control Devil

Chainsaw Man Updates Fans on Its New Control Devil




 Chainsaw Man gave fans an update on the new Control Devil with the latest chapter in the series! When Part 1 of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s original manga series ended a few years ago, it came with the revelation that while Denji helped defeat Maki in a surprising new way, she was replaced by the young new Control Devil that he was. now they are tasked with guarding. But with the chapters of Part 2 released so far, fans didn’t get to see how Denji’s life shakes out with this new devil.

Part 2 instead introduced fans to a new main character in Asa Mitaka, with Denji playing a supporting role in her take on things as she has her own desire to find and take down the chainsaw man. That said, we’ve gotten very few updates on Denji’s own life through his eyes, but the latest chapter of the series gave fans an update on how he’s living with this girl now. As it turns out, he is trying to provide her with a great future.chainsaw-man-part-2-teaser-spoilers-manga-1259420-1

What’s up with Denji and the New Control Devil?

Chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man revisits Asa and Denji as they are still stuck in the aquarium, but Denji’s ability to basically do whatever he can to survive helps them bond on another level. When Asa asks why Denji is so obsessed with making money, instead of Denji’s usual reply that he only wants it to live a better life, he instead reveals that he cares for someone. Calling her “kind of a friend… kind of a sister,” Denji notes that she’s smart enough to go to college.

Being so smart, Denji wants as much money as possible to save up to go to college. Knowing that he had a terrible life ahead of him, he wants her to have a better one. It shows how much Denji has changed since the events of the first volume and how much life and caring for Nayuta has helped him change in those ways.

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