Chainsaw Man Unpacks Denji and Power’s Genius Makeover

Chainsaw Man Unpacks Denji and Power’s Genius Makeover




 While Chainsaw Man definitely shared its fair share of blood and gore in the early episodes of its anime adaptation, the story following Denji and his fellow demon hunters still finds a way to inject serious humor into the plot. After a deadly fight against Katana Man, Makima’s ranks are licking their wounds, while both Denji and Power get a new trainer in the mysterious Kishibe. Since Devil Hunter sensei takes no prisoners, Chainsaw Devil and Blood Devil put their heads together to come up with a plan.

Kishibe wasted little time trying to whip Denji and Power into shape in one of the most brutal ways possible as he used his powers to assassinate both devils a dozen times. Pushed against the wall, the two devil hunters decided to team up to try and stop their new trainer’s bloody regiment, gleefully bumping their glasses to really drive home the idea that they had put on their thinking caps. While the plan they set in motion is quite clever and involves Power’s blood control in an ingenious way, it unfortunately backfired and dealt a brutal blow to Denji.

Chainsaw man thinking cap

The scene in question highlights one of the most gripping moments of the last episode of Chainsaw Man, when Power uses his blood manipulation in an attempt to stab Kishibe, but alas, the older demon hunter has more than a few skills up his sleeve, posing a dire threat to the two young demons:

We’re only a few episodes away from the end of Chainsaw Man’s first season, and the finale of this latest installment certainly hints at the idea that things are about to get a little darker. While Denji and Power train, Aki is seemingly more than willing to throw his life away in search of more power, agreeing to make a deal with the future devil after Himeno’s death, revealing that he only has two years left to live up to the devil’s curse.

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