Chainsaw Man Theory Teases Denji’s Endgame With Asa

Chainsaw Man Theory Teases Denji’s Endgame With Asa




 Against all odds, Chainsaw Man did it. The series is one of the biggest in anime, and of course its rise in the manga industry is known far and wide. With record sales under his belt, creator Tatsuki Fujimoto keeps fans entertained these days with weekly updates. And now Chainsaw Man fans are convinced that the artist is dropping crumbs about Denji and Asa’s future.


The whole thing happened courtesy of Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 as fans watched Asa wrestle with herself. The heroine ended up with Yoru controlling her body and the War Devil attacked Denji. They tried to turn it into a weapon, but failed. And now, Denji’s resistance to Yoru convinces fans that the Chainsaw Man will somehow completely separate the riders from Asa.


The fact that Denji resisted Yoru’s command is definitely interesting, and is just another piece of evidence linking him to Asa. After all, Chainsaw Man has been hinting at Asa and Yoru’s separation since its beginning. One of the early covers for the second part of the manga showed Denji as a man with a chainsaw slicing Asa’s head in half, so you can let those images soak in (via Reddit / SpyGhettiGhetti).

The manga further hinted at the separation when Yoru told Asa that they left half of her brain intact. This means that the War Devil has Asa’s half while the girl keeps the rest. Most recently, the manga raised eyebrows when the “Spoiler” chapter saw Yoru wearing a ‘cake’ sweatshirt… and then Denji cutting a birthday cake in half with his bare hands. The images definitely add up, and the recent release of Yoru Denjim adds fuel to fan theories.


Of course, the only one who knows where Denji and Asa are going is Fujimoto. The creator of the manga is not without reason called one of the best of this generation. Readers can expect more twists and turns between the two as Chainsaw Man continues. And maybe—just maybe—those two will make it out of this manga alive.

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