Chainsaw Man Theory Sparks Debate Over the Death Devil’s Identity

Chainsaw Man Theory Sparks Debate Over the Death Devil’s Identity




 Chainsaw Man is back on track and creator Tatsuki Fujimoto keeps fans guessing with each new update. With the completion of the first season of the anime, all eyes are on the manga, and the second installment has given us plenty to chew on since its debut. From Yoru to Yoshida, the War Devil’s debut has been wild, and now a new theory has surfaced regarding the fourth horseman.


This theory came to light when Chainsaw Man released its latest chapter. After all, that’s where the fans catch up with Yoshida, and the Devil Hunter does something pretty surprising. It features the Death Devil, which is quite rare in Chainsaw Man, but fans noticed that Yoshida may have been referring to the Devil in a different way.

As you can see above, Twitter user CSPerfectShot broke down the panels in Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 featuring Yoshida. If you connect his hand movements from the panels, you can see that the man is forming a word using Japanese sign language. The phrase looks like “die” or “death”, so if that’s not suspicious, then what is?


Chainsaw Man is currently mum about the Devil of Death, but we know the creature is the last of the four horsemen. We met our first rider in the first installment of Chainsaw Man when Makima ended up as the Control Devil. Now her reincarnation has taken up the mantle and her sisters have made themselves known. Yoru introduced herself as a War Devil and we just met the Famine Devil in the second part. So now it seems only right that the Death Devil should appear.

And now? Well, this latest theory suggests that Yoshida is the creature himself. We know the man is a murderer due to the previous murder arc of the manga, and Yoshida is the only one who has raised the death fiend so far. This latest Chainsaw Man update also seems to have broken some of the bond between Yoshida and Famine Devil. So if fans are on the right track, Yoshida is someone readers need to keep a close eye on.

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