Chainsaw Man Teaser Sets Up Season Two’s Villain

Chainsaw Man Teaser Sets Up Season Two’s Villain




 Chainsaw Man has completed its first season and of course all eyes are on its future. Studio MAPPA hasn’t said a word about a second season at this point, but fans are hoping that Denji will return to the screen sooner rather than later. After all, Chainsaw Man still has a lot to adjust to, and its final cliffhanger already set up one of the new season’s big villains.

The update comes courtesy of Chainsaw Man Episode 12 as the finale kicked off a new mission for Denji. Our heroes were pitted against some new and old foes just as the season ended. At the end of the finale, Denji and his gang were riding high thanks to their victory, but the gang’s peace would not last long. After all, a new enemy is on the horizon, and this week we got our first glimpse of Rez.

As you can see above, the episode 12 add-on shows off the character in batches. In one shot, it shows us Reze’s slender legs as she walks up the stairs. The clip goes on to show the back of her head, and of course her purple lift is hard to mistake. We don’t get a clear look at her face in this clip, but Chainsaw Man makes it clear that this character is going to be very important when she returns.

Of course, manga readers will know this from the beginning. Reze is a popular character in Chainsaw Man and their history with Denji has made them a favorite with readers. After all, the manga reveals all of Reze’s juicy history including her ties to the Soviet Union and hybrid status. So if you’re ready to see Denji fight one of his worst enemies, wait until the second season of Chainsaw Man.

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