Chainsaw Man Star Discourages ‘Dommy Mommy’ Makima

Chainsaw Man Star Discourages ‘Dommy Mommy’ Makima




 Chainsaw Man is arguably the biggest new anime adaptation of 2022, going up against other heavy hitters including Spy x Family, Lycoris Recoil, and Blue Lock. While the story focuses mostly on Denji, one character looms in the background with an air of mystery that has fans wondering what the future holds for the demon hunters. In a recent interview, the voice behind Makima English Dub took the opportunity to talk about her role while also confirming that Denji’s master is not quite a “Dommy Mommy”, her words.

Suzie Yeung is no stranger to the world of anime, having played roles in such major anime franchises as Demon Slayer, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Cells At Work, Attack on Titan, and Dr. Stone to name a few, though her role in Chainsaw Man may be one of her biggest yet. There are several layers to Makima as a character, with the biggest hint that she is not all that she seems to be in this first season of the anime adaptation, which comes after her “resurrection” during an attack by Katana Man and his companions. While riding a locomotive with her fellow Devil Hunters, Makima is shot repeatedly by her organization’s enemies, with many fans believing her to be dead, but lo and behold, she bounces back from her grave, leaving behind some questions that won’t. answered this season.

Makima chainsaw

Kotaku took the opportunity to interview Yeung about her latest character, asking the voice actor about the challenges inherent in bringing the character to life as Denji’s tragic story finally made it to the small screen:


“It’s hard because I feel like Makima has such an intimidating presence, I think the anime really hammers home that by focusing on her eyes and how hypnotic they are. I think on a very surface level fans are like ‘ Oh my God! Dommy Mommy’ and that she’s just this very dominant presence, but especially through the anime you can see and hear how soft she is. She’s just extremely soft and never raises her voice, so her approach to it is actually very light, rather than just being in command at the beginning.”

The final episode of the first season is only a few days away, and while everything about Makima won’t be revealed before its conclusion, there could be a bombshell when it comes to who holds Denji’s lead.

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