Chainsaw Man Sparks Its Brutal Take on a Training Arc

Chainsaw Man Sparks Its Brutal Take on a Training Arc




 The Chainsaw Man anime may be about to end in just a few weeks, but the series has spawned a pretty brutal training phase for Denji and Power as they prepare for their next deadly challenge! The final arc of the anime’s first season kicked off with a bloody massacre in which members of the Special Division teams were attacked by a surprise group of attackers. It surprised everyone so much that even Denji found that he would not be able to tear through a new enemy that had the same transformation power as him.

The final arc of the first season is now in transition, as the latest episode of the series kicked off a bit of training for Denji and Power. Makima enlisted supreme devil hunter Kishibe to take them under his wing and strengthen them as quickly as possible so they could face other threats… not to mention the Gun Devil later down the line. But unlike the training arcs you might have seen in other series, Kishibe directly kills Denji and Power multiple times to make them better fighters:

Why are Denji and strength training in Chainsaw Man?

Episode 10 begins shortly after Makima attempts to reform the Special Division group in anticipation of the next attack, deciding that Denji and Power will be as strong as they can be for what’s to come. It is here that he introduces Kishibe, who is promoted as the strongest devil hunter in the company. We’ll soon see what that means, as he not only dodges and counters every single one of Denji and Power’s efforts with ease, but has no qualms about killing them and destroying their bodies as their demonic powers keep them alive.

It turns out that Kishibe’s methods actually work as both Denji and Power manage a great counter attack plan that the empty-headed fighters had come up with before, but it was clear that it wasn’t nearly enough. Now it’s just a matter of seeing if this brutal form of training where they get killed over and over again will be enough to give them the edge over Katana Man next time.

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