Chainsaw Man Sparks Debate With Controversial Translation

Chainsaw Man Sparks Debate With Controversial Translation




 Chainsaw Man is about to wrap up its first season, and of course all eyes are on Denji ahead of the finale. In case you didn’t know, the 12th episode of the anime will conclude, and this week’s episode unleashed a fierce battle for our heroes. The Future Devil has made his big debut, but rather than focusing on his powers, fans seem to be focusing on one of the Devil’s controversial lines.

For those who didn’t catch the drama, here’s an explanation. The whole thing kicked off this week when Future Devil debuted, telling our heroes that the future is pretty much the best. This line is straightforward, but it carries a lot of weight in Brazil in all places.


After all, Chainsaw Man is huge in South America, and Brazilian fans turned the Future Devil’s series into a meme years ago. A day before the official translations, a popular fan translation dealt with the manga concept of this devil. When the fan translation made it to this chapter, it changed Future Devil’s line to “future é pica”, which loosely translates to the future is wonderful. The slang terminology itself was fine with fans, even if the tone didn’t match Fujimoto’s original text. But the line later became controversial because the fan translation of Chainsaw Man started using derogatory jokes. A lot of homophobic and transphobic lines were added to the manga and well – it gave the whole translation a bad name, aside from being unofficial.

The situation was mostly overblown in Brazil and on the Internet until the Chainsaw Man episode went live this week. The update covers this line from Future Devil, and as expected, Crunchyroll’s Portuguese subtitles use a different translation than the fan-made one. However, there is a reference to the controversial line in the subtitle encoding. Brazilian fans dug around the site with Inspect Element and that’s where the code referring to “future é pica” can be found.

Now this situation has sparked a debate among fans online and it’s all about the validity of the translation. As manga and anime grow globally, fans will always want the most accurate translations possible. Chainsaw Man is now experiencing this problem firsthand. But when it comes to which of these lines you prefer, that’s up to you and you alone.

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