Chainsaw Man Proves Denji Is the Best Kind of Brother

Chainsaw Man Proves Denji Is the Best Kind of Brother




 If there’s one thing we know about Chainsaw Man, it’s that the show’s world is dark. You can hardly expect more from a society that is plagued by demons and characters like Denji have seen the worst that humanity has to offer. Of course, his views have slowly but surely changed since signing the contract with Pochita. And now the manga has just proven Denji’s growth by awarding him Brother of the Year.

If you’re into manga, you’ll know what’s up with the hero these days. Denji is on a date with Asa right now, and of course their trip is upside down from the start. Asa is too energetic and things get worse when the Eternity Devil shows up. The pair are stuck in an aquarium thanks to the enemy, and during their stay we learn why Denji has been so hungry for money lately.


And no, it’s not so he can eat cake or play games. Denji earns money for his new sister because she deserves a good life.

“I have a friend like this, a little sister who lives with me. She’s smart enough to go to college. I’m saving for her tuition. College is crazy expensive, isn’t it? See, my life was always miserable before. I Want , to have a normal life,” reveals Denji.

Of course, fans will know who Denji is talking about. The hero killed Maki at the end of the first volume, but as always, the Master Devil reincarnated. Denji was given the task of raising Nayuta in hopes that she would not follow the path that Makima took. Denji therefore decided to be the best brother possible and take care of Nayuta no matter the cost. So while Denji’s savings may be questionable at times, you can hardly deny how his empathy has grown over the years.

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