Chainsaw Man Proves Denji Is Raising Nayuta Just Right

Chainsaw Man Proves Denji Is Raising Nayuta Just Right




 Due to the conclusion of the first chapter of Chainsaw Man, Denji found himself in a very different position than in the first season of the anime adaptation and beyond. With a new protagonist arriving in the latest chapters of the bloody Shonen series in Asa Mitaka, the new War Devil, the home life of Denji and his addict Nayuta has been further explored, and while it definitely seems like a rocky road, it seems that the Chainsaw Devil his current role as a father figure.

Nayuta is the reincarnation of the Controlling Devil, revealed to be Makima herself, pulling the strings not only of Denji and his fellow Devil Hunters, but also of the Gun Devil himself, who uses the astronomical power of terrifying supernatural power to completely eliminate major parts. human civilization that people are not aware of. With the recent installment showing us more of Natuya’s character than ever before, it seems that the young girl is not her former self, which is definitely a good thing for the world and for Denji, but it may not be great for Asa.

Natuya Chainsaw


Chainsaw Man fans have noted Denji’s excellent parenting skills, as Nayuta causes Asa to miss her meeting with Denji, but doesn’t go so far as to kill the War Devil who targets the Chainsaw Devil:


Currently, the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man has not revealed if there will be a second season, but considering the huge number of projects on Studio MAPPA’s plate for 2023, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. With the animation house promising to adapt all of creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s works in the past, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see Denji and his devil-hunting friends back on the small screen in the future.

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