Chainsaw Man Prizes Give Makima and Power Playboy Bunny Makeovers

Chainsaw Man Prizes Give Makima and Power Playboy Bunny Makeovers




 It’s here again. Chainsaw Man may be done with its first season, but the fandom won’t let Maki or Power out of their sight. After all, it looks like new merchandise for the girls is on the way, promising to make the pair Playboy bunnies.

As you can see below, Good Smile Company has announced that the FREEing line is adding two new characters. Makima and Power are getting their own collector statue variants and yes, it dresses them up as bunnies. Both characters get their own costumes here, as Makima rocks a black number while Power’s bloodlust earns her a red costume. So if you want these two figures, you’ll want to keep an eye out because their on-sale date hasn’t dropped yet.


Of course, these two figures have collectors ready to drop the cash and mark the latest bunny figures in the line. After all, FREEing has a number of these variants available as it is. In the past, characters like Liscia Elfrieden and Junko Enoshima have received such modifications. Now Chainsaw Man brings two of his best girls to the collection, so you can be sure that fans will grab them.

After all, Makima and Power became part of the top anime characters in 2022. Studio MAPPA put everything they had into Chainsaw Man, and the risk paid off. The show was one of the most talked about in 2022 and these girls created a lot of discussions. Currently, there has been no official word on a second season of Chainsaw Man, but fans are expecting more to come given how popular the first season was. So until the new episodes are announced, fans can stay busy collecting all the Chainsaw Man goodies they can get their hands on!

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