Chainsaw Man Orders Its First Live-Action Project

Chainsaw Man Orders Its First Live-Action Project




 The Chainsaw Man finale didn’t just focus on the Chainsaw Devil fighting the Katana Devil, but it dropped a number of hints about where the anime will be headed when or if a second season hits the small screen. While it has yet to be announced that Denji and company will be getting a feature film, the gory Shonen franchise will be getting its first live action adaptation next year, though it may not be in the way many fans expected.

Many anime series have received live-action theatrical plays in Japan, with Shonen franchises such as My Hero Academia, Naruto, Bleach, and The Prince of Tennis being just a few examples. Chainsaw Man The Stage is the official title of the upcoming stage play that will arrive in Japan in September and October next year, with director Fumiya Matsuzaki confirmed to be helming the project. Imagining Denji’s story in live action is quite difficult considering the wild supernatural threats the Shonen protagonist has faced in the past, although considering we’ve seen live action Beastars in the past, we could this Shonen definitely a must see. series on stage.

Chainsaw  Game

The official Twitter account for the Chainsaw Man live-action theatrical release has been created and will be sharing future details following this new confirmation that Denji, Aki, Power and Makima will be joining the scene, joining the likes of Spy x Family and Attack on Titan who have done the same :


MAPPA may not yet have confirmed that the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man will get a second season, although it may be a bit more due to the fact that the production house has so many projects set to hit the small screen next year. Returning to the dark series of Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, the animation studio also took over the reins of Vinland Saga for its second season and also introduced the world of Hell’s Paradise.

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