Chainsaw Man: Nayuta Is More Like Makima Than We Thought

Chainsaw Man: Nayuta Is More Like Makima Than We Thought




Chainsaw Man has officially reintroduced the new Control Devil, Nayutu, with the latest chapter of the series, and fans have seen how much more like Makima he is than we first thought! Makima’s defeat was one of the more unique endings to the first installment of the series than fans could have ever suspected, but instead of eliminating her completely, it was revealed that all Denji did was force the Controlling Devil to reincarnate in a new body. He’s been taking care of this new Control Devil ever since, but we’ve gotten very few glimpses of how that life went.


As the final chapters of Part 2 finally reveal more of Denji’s life since the end of the first part of the series, the cliffhanger from the previous chapter teased us that we will finally see how Nayuta has been doing all this time. The latest chapter reveals that as a result of this new life, Denji lives by very strict house rules. Further revealing Nayuta is after the same kind of control that Makima once had over Denji, there are also some other similarities that quickly become apparent.

How is Nayuta just like Makima

Chapter 119 of Chainsaw Man reveals Denji’s apartment with Nayuta, describing her as a roommate with an “extreme personality”. He lived under very intense but strange restrictions, such as not opening the fridge (perhaps a nod to the fact that he ate Maki), counting each of their farts, and not being kissed in front of her. Nayuta is then shown to control a lot of dogs much like Makima, but the biggest similarity comes soon after.


As Yoru takes over and kisses Denji, Nayuta arrives and soon sends a chain through Yoru’s skull. Calling her a “thief” is the biggest comparison between two Control Devils we’ve ever seen. These chains are what Makima used when she unleashed the full range of her abilities back then. It shows that regardless of the person himself, there seems to be an underlying personality given by the reincarnated devil. It’s just a matter of figuring out which traits belong to the Master Devil and which belong to Nayuta.

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