Chainsaw Man Meets Squishmallow In This Pochita Crossover

Chainsaw Man Meets Squishmallow In This Pochita Crossover




 Chainsaw Man has taken anime fandom by storm, and honestly? We have Pochita to thank. The top-notch anime animation under Studio MAPPA is certainly another major factor in its success, but when it comes to the masses, Pochita is all you can find. Devil Dog has converted fans from all walks of life, and now one netizen is making Pochita the Squishmallow of our dreams.

As you can see, the piece comes courtesy of Instagram user Actually. A fan who makes tons of customized plushies decided it was time to give Chainsaw Man a shot after seeing how adorable Pochita looked in the show. And as you can tell, plush is one of the cutest things an anime fan could get.


It turns out that the actual Squish was made using a familiar base plush, which is an orange axolotl. By cutting off their antennae and adding some handmade accessories, Pochita can transform into a Squishmallow. As you can imagine, Chainsaw Man and plush fans are desperate to create their own mash-up. So if you like to be a handy person, you might want to try this project before the holidays.

Of course, Squishmallow doesn’t have the Chainsaw Man license, but the brand has started running into anime. After partnering with a slew of Disney IPs, Squishmallow announced its first Pokémon tie-in this summer. Not too long ago, the first wave of Gengar and Pikachu plushies sold out after being released online, and demand for more is higher than ever. So if Pokémon can move stocks, maybe Squishmallows can tie into other anime in the future?

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