Chainsaw Man Just Gave the Internet Its Greatest Cat Cosplay

Chainsaw Man Just Gave the Internet Its Greatest Cat Cosplay




 Chainsaw Man has easily earned its place as one of the “new kids on the block” when it comes to anime arrivals in 2022, as Studio MAPPA managed to translate the bloody adventures of Denji and company into a rumored anime series. anime community. While fans await word on the confirmation of a second season, followers of the gory Shonen series are taking the opportunity to pay homage to the series in some wildly unique ways, as “cat cosplay” has entered the arena.

While we didn’t witness the arrival of the “Cat Devil” in the first season of the Chainsaw Man anime, viewers did get to see the introduction of “Meowy,” Blood Devil’s beloved cat, who was kidnapped by the Bat Devil and used as a trade. chip to bring power under the rule of an evil demon. While betraying Denji in an attempt to save Meowy’s life, the Chainsaw Devil was able to turn the tide against the Bat Devil, slicing him to pieces and ultimately getting a hilarious prize for his efforts. When Denji, Power and Meowy move into Aki’s small apartment, the second season will see the bloody battles against the devils continue as Makima continues to pull all the strings.

Chainsaw Cat

One Tik Tok User took the opportunity to share a hilarious Cosplay of himself slapping the head of a man with a chainsaw on a poor cat, with Denji’s alter-ego not lasting long on the cat’s head, creating a hilarious cosplay moment that probably won’t happen too often. more in the future:

While the future of the Chainsaw Man anime remains a mystery, creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga continued with the second installment of the series as a new protagonist took over the reins from Chainsaw Devil. Asa Mitaka, a.k.a. the new War Devil, has made a deal to get revenge on Denji, but she struggles not only with her new position, but also with the ongoing threat that all devils pose to the human world. Since MAPPA hasn’t revealed when the second season will arrive, now might be a great time to catch up on the manga’s story if you’re looking to add some more chainsaw goodness to your life.

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