Chainsaw Man Just Censored The Series Most Disgusting Moment

Chainsaw Man Just Censored The Series Most Disgusting Moment




 Chainsaw Man spent most of its first season following Denji’s chainsaw devil as he made his way through countless devils in an attempt to make his mundane dreams come true. As the previous episode saw Denji and his allies fight the Infinity Devil, the recent episode shows the Shonen protagonist fulfilling another of his dreams, albeit in a way that was so disgusting that MAPPA censored the moment.

Continuing from the previous installment, the final episode of Chainsaw Man sees Denji “sacrificed” by his fellow Devil Hunters in an attempt to free himself from the Infinity Devil, a supernatural force that has absorbed a piece of Gun Devil and locked them all in a hotel. Unable to leave the establishment, the terrifying creature makes the hunters a proposition to set them free if they feed him a chainsaw to the devil. Realizing he has no other choice, Denji seizes the opportunity to dive head first into the mouth of the Infinite Devil, cutting through his opponent’s many faces and finally taking him down.

A kiss with a chainsaw

During their first adventure together, the demon hunter Himeno promised Denji that if they escaped with their lives, she would give the chainsaw devil his first kiss, but unfortunately for the Shonen protagonist, the blindfolded femme fatale also got a little drunk. much during their celebrations:


Hime’s “unloading” on Denji is certainly one of the most disgusting moments in the series, and remains so throughout the Shonen series to this day. While the manga gave fans a first-hand look at Denji’s disgusting first kiss, Studio MAPPA’s anime adaptation took it upon itself to blur the projectile. While Denji clearly didn’t expect his first kiss to go down, the episode ended with the two devil hunters falling asleep next to each other as Himeno offered the devil chainsaws for another one of his dreams to come true.

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