Chainsaw Man: Is Yoshida Connected to the Death Devil?

Chainsaw Man: Is Yoshida Connected to the Death Devil?




 Chainsaw Man likes to keep fans on their toes. Ever since Tatsuki Fujimoto unleashed the manga on the world, readers have been left guessing every step of the way. Of course, it continued into the second part, and no one has fans more confused than Hirofumi Yoshida. The figure is a mystery to everyone, and now a new theory suggests that the student is tied to the fourth Horseman.

The theory goes a little like this, okay? Fans jumped on the idea after the last chapter of Chainsaw Man saw Yoshida encountering Famine in an aquarium. The pair share a kind of awareness of each other and things only got worse when Yoshida teamed up with Denji. During that meeting, Yoshida directly asks if the Chainsaw Man would eat a Death Devil, so it is.


After all, it’s not every day that a manga touches on the Death Devil, and fans have questions as to why Yoshida chose this moment to ask about the rider. He seems to know that the Famine was sneaking around him, and of course there’s a good chance he realizes that Makima was a control fiend at heart. With Asa hosting the War Devil, we have one more missing rider and Yoshida’s empty story has fans betting he’s their guy.

After all, Yoshida has been raising questions ever since he appeared in the first installment, going after the killers chasing Denji. His motives are incredibly unclear, and we know that he belongs to a mysterious organization that wants to keep Denji’s identity as Chainsaw under wraps. There are enough loose ends behind Yoshida to make fans suspicious, and the way he looks at riders is reason enough to suspect the guy. So if Yoshida ends up as the last rider, don’t say the fans didn’t warn you!

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