Chainsaw Man Hits Denji With One of Its Wildest Cliffhangers Yet

Chainsaw Man Hits Denji With One of Its Wildest Cliffhangers Yet




 Chainsaw Man is pushing a new chapter this week, and it’s safe to say that creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has pushed everyone. This week’s update focuses on Asa and Denji as their day continues to take unexpected turns. And on the last page – we see Denji facing one of the wildest cliffhangers in the manga yet.

For those who are caught up on the manga, you know that Asa and their devil kicked things up a notch this week. The new chapter of Chainsaw Man ends with Yoru once again controlling Asa and the war fiend out for blood. As promised, the Devil is eager to eliminate Chainsaw Man, and Ace’s guilt over the mission prompts Yora to end Chapter 117 with an order. She can be seen trying to turn Denji into a human weapon and at this point we know how this story is going.


We’ve watched Yoru turn others into weapons in the past, and the act was never condoned. She’s turned spinal cords into swords before, and that’s what Yoru does on the last page of this week’s chapter. He tries to summon the Denji Spinal Cord Sword, but the question remains whether the request will work.

Because the War Devil is only able to turn people into weapons when she feels they belong to her. Just as Asa brought the aquarium to make it a weapon, Yoru is now doing the same with Denji, but her claim may not be strong enough. After all, Denji is slow to trust after everything with Makima, and there’s also his hybrid status to consider. Its existence as a weapon can prevent it from being turned into a sword, and if Yoru succeeds, it’s a question of Denji just regenerating another spine.

So far, it looks like Yoru has set herself up as Denji’s enemy, and that will definitely change his reaction to Asa from now on. And considering that Yoshida and Famine are in the aquarium right now? Looks like things are about to really heat up in Fujimoto’s manga.

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