Chainsaw Man Goes Viral Thanks to One Jawdropping Store Display

Chainsaw Man Goes Viral Thanks to One Jawdropping Store Display




 Chainsaw Man’s first anime season is coming to an end, and with it, countless anime viewers have been introduced to the tragic story of Denji as he struggles to earn three square meals a day, a roof over his head, and potentially a girl to call him. own. While fans wait to hear from Studio MAPPA if Devil Hunters will return for a second season, one exhibit at a bookstore touched the hearts of those who watched the Chainsaw Man anime and manga.

The first season of Chainsaw Man ended with Denji having a climactic battle with Katana Man, the enemy responsible for the demise of countless demon hunters, with the Shonen hero fortunately able to win. While a second season has yet to be confirmed, the recent season finale has created more than a few plot threads to explore in the future of the anime adaptation. In the post-credit scenes, we saw an interesting door introduced to young Denji, along with a new mysterious character who asked if the chainsaw devil would rather be a “country mouse” or a “city mouse” if given the choice.

Chainsaw Grief

A new Tik Tok video shared a brutally hilarious display of the store featuring the Chainsaw Man chapter featured as “Adventures In The Snow”, with Aki’s story being one of the most tragic and set during a winter where his family was wiped out by the sheer force of a devil weapon:

While we may be waiting a while to see a second season of Chainsaw Man, especially when you consider the sheer number of projects on Studio MAPPA’s plate, the manga continues to be strong under creator Tatsuki Fujimoto. Relegating Denji, a new protagonist entered the scene in Asa Mitaka, War Devil. While Asa wants revenge on Denji thanks to the deal she made with her devil, the two seem to have found common ground thanks to a bad date at the aquarium.

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